China Creates Low Cost 3D Printed Car



The Chinese company Sanya Sihai has created a new, low cost car using 3D printed technologies, and they have done using “tyrant gold” filaments. This is definitely sure to impress any rulers on your shopping list, and at a price that makes it easier to handle for the average buyer.

The car is all electric and weighs in at a mere 1,102 lbs (500 kg). It measures only 11.9 ft (3.6m) long and  5.5 ft (1.63m) wide, making it it easy to park at those soon to be popular 3D printed road rallies.


It only cost costs $1770 to build the car in its entirety, not bad for a fun little cruiser that rolls out at a break neck 25 mph.

More Info: 3DPrint

Watch Out For The Cyber Ants


  Festo, an engineering firm in Germany, has created what may be either a dream robot or a nightmare, depending on your view of those small insect we refer to as ants. But this cyber version of Mother Nature has a few more things under the proverbial hood than the stock creatures sports. To start

According to Curiosity, Mars Could Have Supported Life


Life on Mars – From Ray Bradbury to NASA, we have an undying fascination with what mysteries the red planet could hold. And now, courtesy of NASA’s Curiosity, we have one more to add to the list: nitrogen traces that could have been used by living organisms. Now, this doesn’t mean that there has been

Lose The Board With The ‘Post Modern Skateboard’


  Okay, it’s now 2015 – where are our hover boards? Well, perhaps we didn’t get cinematic promise, but here is something that goes one step farther – a skateboard with no board. Instead you have two rings that you step into, and an outside edge provides the rolling surface to get you moving. And

Using The Trackpad To Add A Signature


With the recent introduction of the 2015 refresh for the 13″ Macbook Pro lineup, a cool new feature was added – the force feedback trackpad. But wait – the existing trackpads are still capable of some handy tricks under Yosemite. Let’s look at one now – adding a signature using the Macbook (Pro and Air)

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