Star Wars: The Honest Trailer

With the first of many new Star Wars movie just around the corner, it is only fitting that we have the honest trailer version for Star Wars. Warning: if the sense of humor isn’t strong with you, you may not want to watch…


Disney Buys Star Wars

In 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced three new Star Wars films, with the first film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, planned for release on December 18, 2015. 20th Century Fox retains the physical distribution rights to the first two Star Wars trilogies, owning permanent rights for the original 1977 film and holding the rights to Episodes I–III, V and VI until May 2020. The Walt Disney Studios owns digital distribution rights to all the Star Wars films, excluding A New Hope.


One Day On Pluto (and Its Moon Charon)

24 hours of Pluto

  Nasa has released a collage of photos that shows a full day of rotation for lonely Pluto and its moon Charon. The pictures, taken by NASA’s New Horizons space probe as it did a flyby. The images were taken on July 7th and 13th, using the spacecraft’s Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) and its

Bottoms Up Peanut Butter


Every once in  a while an idea for a product comes along that we wonder why this hasn’t been the standard way of doing things all along. This is the case with the “Bottoms Up Peanut Butter” jar.   Seriously, why would one want to fish around for the last of the peanut butter, when

Fix Your Macbook Time By Changing Time Servers


I routinely use a Macbook Air for a lot of my writing and programing (when I can) chores, and the small size along with respectable power and long runtime works well for me. However, recently it has stopped updating to the correct time. This change happened not long after the switch to El Capitan, but I

China Creates Low Cost 3D Printed Car


  The Chinese company Sanya Sihai has created a new, low cost car using 3D printed technologies, and they have done using “tyrant gold” filaments. This is definitely sure to impress any rulers on your shopping list, and at a price that makes it easier to handle for the average buyer. The car is all electric