The Play-Doh Factory Of Brick Making

Anyone remember the simple pleasures of a Play-Doh factory? You put the clay in, squeeze the handle, and out comes a shape. Now consider an adult version – you put the dirt in, wait a few seconds, and out comes the shape. Brick shaped, in this case, but so satisfying to watch.


High Power Water Jet Makes Exploration Fun

A high power water jet is capable of cutting through steel over 4 inches thick. But what happens when you turn it loose on everyday household objects? It gives you a chance to explore how ordinary objects work with a fascinating and unique cross section view. The instrument can be used on a wide variety of objects with great results. But just make sure that the items to be explored can be donated to the cause, because this is obviously a permanent operation.


3D Print Your Own Millennium Falcon With This Design Kit


So, you have a 3D printer and really want a good design to break it in with? Or maybe you just always wanted a REALLY detailed model of Han Solo’s favorite ship, but find that the available plastic models leave you wanting more? Gambody has spent months designing a 3D Millennium Falcon kit that will please both parties.

Their design incorporates 176 individual panels, and it may take a couple months to print and finish. When complete, you will have a 1:34 scale model that is sure to astound even the most hardened Star Wars fan. The highly detailed design kit consisting of STL files is available for purchase, and costs $74.99.


A Working Ice Sword Made Of Pykrete


Allen Pan has created a sword made of ice that is so strong it could be used to chop through real things, including attacking watermelons. What is the secret to his super strong ice sword? One word – pykrete.

Pykrete is typically a mixture of water, ice and sawdust. It is so strong that World War II Allies considered using it to build warships. Allen substituted old fashioned toilet paper for the sawdust, but the process is the same. His end mixture was 86% water and 14% toilet paper.

There you have it, a fascinating sword made of ice (more or less). So, the next time you hear the shouts of “Winter is coming!”, relax and know that you can be prepared. This would also work well for the Zombie Apocalypse, assuming you are in a cold climate or it’s not the warm months. But if you are in the desert with a zombie horde attacking, well, you may need to consider other alternatives.


Settlers Of Catan Made From A Single 2×4


I’m a fan of Catan, and have been known to play it on digital devices and as a board game. But it never occurred to me that a person could build their own game in its entirety, all from a single 2×4. But that is exactly what Aaron Day did, and the end result is impressive.

The wood artist did it as an entry in the Summers Woodworking Challenge, and he created a video detailing the process. I’ll say it now, it takes a special kind of person to iron that much wood. But then again, most people probably don’t realize that you can even iron wood.