Why Dubbing Is Better Than Subtitles In Foreign Films

With all of the fantastic movie productions going on in the world today (including those fun superhero movies), it would be a crime to limit yourself to media productions only in your native language. Since you don’t have the time to learn a foreign language just to appreciate a given work, the alternative is to use either dubbing or subtitles to let you follow along with the plot. But which is better dubbing or subtitles? I’m here to tell you that dubbing is better for the majority of titles you would like to experience. Why? Let’s a look.

Dubbing Is Better Than Subtitles

Dubbing Allows Multitasking

If I had to pick one and only one reason why dubbing is better than subtitles, this would be it. You can simply get more done if your eyes aren’t glued to the set, literally reading every word. I don’t know how you spend your movie watching time, but I am usually doing something else during the show, from working on the computer or tablet to fooling around with a hobby or building something. I do try to give the media my undivided attention, but there are only so many hours in a day for each of us, and I need every one of mine.

Dubbing Is Better For Following Along

I think I have accomplished a lot while multitasking during TV shows and movies, and for the bulk of my watching I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I have tried watching subtitled movies during such times, and I lose the plot rather quickly.  I mean, everything is going well with watching and doing, then suddenly everybody’s dead on the show and I have no clue as to what happened. With dubbing, I can follow along and get a warning when something is about to happen. Strangely, the backgr0und music doesn’t always work for this.

Dubbing Has Its Weaknesses

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be said for viewing a movie or show in its original format. In many cases dubbing replaces the actor’s voice with a native speaker, and the results can be a mixed bag. Sometimes even the music gets changed, making the overall experience different in the new language than it was originally.

These are great points, but now you have to ask yourself one simple question – under what conditions are you going to be watching the title. If there is even a hint of normal multitasking while watching, go for the dubbed version.

Save The Subtitled Version For Those Really Special Titles

If there are any movies or shows that have special meaning to you, you’ll probably want to experience these in the original language with subtitles.  It would seem that the distinction could be made with a simple question – would you like to own a copy of this for yourself? If the answer is yes, you may want to go for the subtitles. But consider again how you will view familiar material – is there a greater chance that you will be multi-tasking while enjoying it? You might find that to be the case, once again swinging the pendulum into the dubbed side of the decision tree. This is a question everyone has to answer for themselves, whether it is Kagemusha or Grand Hotel.

It will, of course, depend on the individual and as to what degree they hope to enjoy the producer’s vision, but in many cases, a practical approach is needed when planning to watch a foreign work. It could be the greatest epic ever recorded, but if you spend the last half of the movie just trying to guess what the plot is, you end up pretty much missing it. My final word – if in doubt, go for the dubbed version.


Giant Puppets Roamed Burning Man 2017

Well, this is not something you see every day. At Burning Man 2017 you could find the unexpected – like a Giant Girl String Puppet. (Well, unless you were expecting exactly that, to each their own.) But for those who didn’t know, this massive puppet had to be 25 feet tall, and required a crane to hold it up. Yes, it was THAT big.

Giant Puppet At Burning Man 2017 (Video by Chris Corsello)

Of course, a stately figure of this magnitude require a name, and hers was Euterpe. The giant figure talked to the audience, leading them to a wedding that was taking place at the event. Chris Corsello was there, and captured the event on video for our viewing pleasure. With that said, be sure sure to be nice to Euterpe. After all, she is one puppet that I look up to…


Search Safer, Search Anonymously, with Duck Duck Go

In today’s online world, Google is the king. And for good reason, since they have a mature product that serves up a lot of results. But there are times that you want to search without it being added to your personal data collection. And for that, consider using DuckDuckGo.

duck duck go

DuckDuckGo may be lacking in the extraneous things that Google does, but it is a quality no-frills search engine. You will still find basic web searches, images, and video results, making it a valuable alternative for those times you want to search without it appearing in your life history and marketing choices (thanks, Google).

The Apple Campus Headquarters Update January 2017

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook last year. employees should expect to start moving into its new $5 billion campus by January, 2017. While that date might be a bit optimistic, the complex is making big strides in becoming the home for Apple’s future. Currently the time schedule is to wrap up construction in first quarter 2017 with landscaping to finish soon after. We first talked about the Apple “Spaceship” campus back in 2011 with an infographic, so it’s good to see it come together.

Apple Campus 2017
Matthew Roberts / Youtube

We are afforded a bird’s eye view of the construction in progress thanks to video photographer (and drone pilot)  Matthew Roberts. Let’s take a peak.

Apple Campus 2017
Matthew Roberts / Youtube

The auditorium is almost in place. We should expect this year’s iPhone 8 announcement to happen here.

Apple Campus 2017
Matthew Roberts / Youtube

Solar panels now occupy about 60 percent of the Apple Campus roof.

Apple Campus 2017
Matthew Roberts / Youtube

The atrium will be a gorgeous opening with a view to die for, no doubt.

Apple Campus 2017
Matthew Roberts / Youtube

Inside the Apple Campus ring we have continuing construction. This will have a lot of landscaping done once it is finished.

Apple Campus 2017
Matthew Roberts / Youtube

And speaking of landscaping, we can see some of the trees awaiting placement into their new home in the interior of the Apple Campus.

Apple Campus 2017
Matthew Roberts / Youtube

The tunnel and parking is almost a small city in itself. Employees are already taking advantage of these structures while they finish the campus.

Now, view the video itself below:


2016 – The Horror Movie

I’ll be honest – 2016 has not been my favorite year. Now, I still consider myself fortunate, because it could have been much, much worse. But I am still entitled to my opinion, and my original summation stands – 2016 has not been my favorite year.

So, with that said, I took a special delight in the short produced by Friend Dog Studios. Imagine, if you will, that 2016 wasn’t just a typical year of random events. Instead, what if there was a pattern to it all. What if 2016 wasn’t a thing. Or, in the vernacular of the film, “It’s not  a what. It’s a when.” <Insert creepy music here>


Watch the trailer as a happy couple rings in 2016, only to be stalked by it for the next 12 months.

There has to be a pattern.
There isn’t.
George Michael, Rickman, Wilder, Prince, Bowie, Ali.
There’s no pattern!
Ah! – What happened?
I tried to call for help and my phone exploded.
My phone literally exploded in my hand.
England just left Europe.
Nobody knows, they just left.

2016 – the horror movie of the year. Literally…







2016 (MMXVI) was a leap year starting on Friday (dominical letter CB) of the Gregorian calendar, the 2016th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 16th year of the 3rd millennium, the 16th year of the 21st century, and the 7th year of the 2010s decade.