Ubisoft’s Star Trek Bridge Crew Looks Fun

The game Star Trek Bridge Crew looks like it could be a fun experience, and what better way to see it being experience than by the actors that made the show famous. As Levar Burton says, “I nailed being the Chief Engineer”, and I am inclined to believe him. Check out the featurette on the game below, and sign me up to play it today.


The Dead Cat Drone

When Bart’s beloved pet, Orville, got killed by a car, he struggled to find some kind of tribute. But with a name like, Orville, well, the writing was on the wall – or was that sky writing? With help from some engineering friends, Orville is now a drone. In other words, Orville may be dead, but he is still flying high. But to be honest I do find the stare just a little unnerving…


Pokémon Go – How To End A Soft Ban


Are you playing Pokémon Go, but find that spinning a PokéStop doesn’t give you any goodies? Or do you find that caught monsters escape after the first try in a poof of smoke? You, my friend, may be suffering from a Soft Ban.

To say Pokémon Go is a popular game would probably be a huge understatement. If you don’t believe me, just head out to your local park – preferably one that has been established for a while – and watch for people walking around while looking at their phones. Chances are you have just caught some Pokémon Go players.

But any game as popular as Pokémon Go is going to have people trying to game the system – it’s where we are as a civilization. And when the game detects something that doesn’t seem right, it forces on the player a soft ban. Unfortunately, a lot of travel or activation of the game in widely varying locations from the last activation can sometimes confuse the safeguards, leaving you with an undeserved soft ban.

The good news is that the fix is easy enough. Just go to a Pokéstop and do this:

  1. Enter the stop, making sure it is actually in range and active.
  2. Spin for rewards.
  3. Immediately exit the stop.
  4. Repeat 20 plus times. Or more, the count varies.

That is all there is to it, at least as of this writing.  Now, go on back out there and catch that elusive monster. But make sure you grab some Pokéballs first – there is a good chance you blew through your stash just trying to figure out the problem.

Floating Water Park

This is exactly what you need to beat the heat during the hot days left in the summer. Dubbed the Tarzan Boat, it features a slide, a high dive, trampolines, and even a rope swing. It comes in 3 sizes, which we assume are all described as “Fun Size”.


Proof That Music Makes The Movie Scene

How important is the right music in a movie scene? Well, very. But to prove the point, consider this re-dubbed scene from Star Wars. With the power of music, it goes from a powerful, fear invoking moment to, well, something much less threatening.