The Incredible Dynasphere Motorized Monocycle

I’ve seen several examples of a single wheeled powered vehicle where the rider is positioned on the inside, but none are any cooler than the 2 passenger “Incredible Dynasphere”. The inventor, Dr. J.A. Purves, claimed that his spherical locomotion technology would revolutionize the transportation industry.

Well, it’s been a while, but we still aren’t riding around inside a big wheel. But then again, everyone doesn’t have a flying car or a personal jetpack either, so maybe its time will still come.


Wheelchair Becomes A Motorcycle

Just because you are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you can’t be mobile anymore. This device allows someone confined to a wheelchair to be anything but confined. The wheelchair rides up on the vehicle and then it’s time to hit the open road. Yes, technically it’s more of a three wheeler than motorcycle, but still very cool.


The First Electric Highway

The electric highway – sounds almost romantic, doesn’t it? But in Sweden, things are getting real. They have built a highway that uses overhead cables to provide power to trucks, making them more efficient. How much more efficient? A typical 60 ton truck can save $83,000 over a 125,000 mile span. All that, with practically zero emissions while traveling at up to 56 mph. Which begs the question, do androids dream of electric highways?


The All Wood Toyata Setsuna EV


Back in the beginning of the automotive industry, you could find cars that contained a lot of wood. This was the most popular and readily available building material, and there was a talent pool that could be tapped. But soon that gave way to metals and other materials, and the industry never looked back.

Now Toyota has created a new wood electric vehicle, named Setsuna. To be more exact, it uses cedar for the exterior panels and quality birch for the frames. Wood is used throughout the well crafted vehicle, and it will be shown at the Milan Design Week.

The name “Setsuna” actually means “moment”, and the idea is that a car shares many important moments with your family. Just as some very expensive vehicles don’t have weatherstripping (who is going to drive their investment in the rain), a wood car would be expected to be cared for.  After all, a thing’s worth is only what value you give it. This is one car that could be a family heirloom, and the boat-like appearance is sure to give it character for many years to come.



Quad Wheeled Motorcycle Sports A Maserati V8 Engine


What has 4 wheels and flies? If you answered, “The Lazareth LM 847”, you win, This one-off beast of a machine from the mind of Ludovic Lazereth sports a 4.7 liter Maserati V8 engine that pumps 470 horses through the drivetrain.


Four single sided swingarms, dual hub center steering, and rim mounted brakes keep the beast under control, and a tail end featuring Ducati Panigale and transversely mounted TFC shocks keep the drivetrain engaged with the pavement.

A low slung handlebar and matching mirrors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are probably a requirement given the way the rider will be strapped on the machine while winding it out on an open stretch of road somewhere out there.