Diving Between Two Continents

How would you like to reach out and touch North America and Europe at the same time? Is it possible? The answer is yes, and you will find the separation in the continental plates in Iceland, at a place called Silfra. Not only is it a fascinating dive, but the conditions are great, with over 100 meter visibility thanks to a natural porous lava filter.


Blood Worms Thrive in Toxic Environment

In a toxic cave in Colorado recently blood worms were discovered that were actually managing to thrive in the hostile environment. The tiny worms, possibly a new species, are being studied to see how they can bind oxygen so effectively to survive. This could have far reaching effects for humans in less than ideal conditions. Ready to play on Mars? Here’s your injection…


How Does A Metal Key Work?

Old fashioned keys – these raised flat pieces of metal control so much of the world around us, allowing us access to many things, from our cars to our homes and everything in between. But how do they work?

The animated gifs do a great job of detailing how the key fits into the lock, aligning the tumblers and allowing the key to turn. Of course, new technology takes the process several steps farther by embedding IDs or otherwise authenticating the key itself. But I think watching a standard key fit into its lock is a pleasing process to watch.






How Does A Zipper Work?

Zippers – they are all around us, from clothing to luggage, from boots to gear storage. Yet so many people never really took the time to consider how they worked. But this animated gif does a great job of explaining how a zipper, well, zips. Note the way the raised nub fits into the impression on the other side, creating a pressure fit to hold it together.




See- it’s simple. Unless, of course, the zipper rips from the material itself. In which case I suggest looking for a sewing GIF for further explanation..