Star Trekkin’ by The Firm

There are Klingons off the starboard bow! What could be better than a classic Star Trek parody featuring clay animated characters? And now, without further ado, Star Trekkin’ by The Firm…


The Many Faces (And Voices) Of Superheroes


Did you ever wonder how many different actors have played your favorite Super Hero? This infographic breaks it down, including by voice, movies, and TV. There may even be a few surprises in store. I mean, did you know that John Rhys-Davies voiced Thor? Twice? Click the image below for a larger version.



What If The Star Trek Series Enterprise Was Just A Holodeck Adventure?


When the series Enterprise launched, it had many fans of Star Trek scratching their heads and doing double takes. First, if the ships were meant to be the forerunners of the vehicles in the TOS era, they looked more advanced than those yet too come. By comparison they were much more Next Generation-ish than TOS-ish. And then there were menacing Vulcans, wrong-foreheaded Klingons, and huge plot holes.

What could explain all of these issues? Even the theme music was wrong. Well, maybe there is an explanation, thanks to a new fan theory. As it turns out, just maybe the whole thing was a holodeck story, designed to entertain more than to be factual. And in many ways, there may be some truth to that statement.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed watching Enterprise, and would love to see more episodes of any Star Trek show back on the small screen. But if there is any real criticism I have of the show, it is this – did they have to kill off one of my favorite characters at the end? That was disappointing.

While we are on the subject, I think we should apply the “It’s just a holodeck story” theory to all of the new Abrams-inspired movies. Now that works for me, even better than the alternate timeline theory.


Portal Versus Half-Life: The Cake Fight Video


If you’re a fan of Portal or Half Life, or both as many seem to be, then you may enjoy this mashup of the two video game series. In it we have the two protagonists fighting over – what else – cake. The video, entitled logically enough “Portal vs Half-Life”, was created by Andrew McMurry of AndrewMFilms.

I like the video, but after watching it in action I have decided that I need a portal gun. There is just so many great and creative things to do with it – a few are even practical. Of course, if it involved fighting Gordon Freeman to get one, well, sometimes the prize is just not worth the effort.


Are You Suffering From Star Wars Hangover?


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has come and almost gone. Well, that is, it has come to the local cinema multiplex anyway – the DVD and streaming deluge is yet to hit. But given the weeks since its release, maybe you are suffering from overindulgence in all things Star Wars. This is exactly the question that the following video jokingly ponders…

Of course, my favorite line is, “I like Star Trek better anyway”, but then again who am I to judge – Star Wars is just good fun. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the next exciting installment in the series. But for now, take two aspirins and wait for the home release…