The All Wood Toyata Setsuna EV


Back in the beginning of the automotive industry, you could find cars that contained a lot of wood. This was the most popular and readily available building material, and there was a talent pool that could be tapped. But soon that gave way to metals and other materials, and the industry never looked back.

Now Toyota has created a new wood electric vehicle, named Setsuna. To be more exact, it uses cedar for the exterior panels and quality birch for the frames. Wood is used throughout the well crafted vehicle, and it will be shown at the Milan Design Week.

The name “Setsuna” actually means “moment”, and the idea is that a car shares many important moments with your family. Just as some very expensive vehicles don’t have weatherstripping (who is going to drive their investment in the rain), a wood car would be expected to be cared for.  After all, a thing’s worth is only what value you give it. This is one car that could be a family heirloom, and the boat-like appearance is sure to give it character for many years to come.



Quad Wheeled Motorcycle Sports A Maserati V8 Engine


What has 4 wheels and flies? If you answered, “The Lazareth LM 847”, you win, This one-off beast of a machine from the mind of Ludovic Lazereth sports a 4.7 liter Maserati V8 engine that pumps 470 horses through the drivetrain.


Four single sided swingarms, dual hub center steering, and rim mounted brakes keep the beast under control, and a tail end featuring Ducati Panigale and transversely mounted TFC shocks keep the drivetrain engaged with the pavement.

A low slung handlebar and matching mirrors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are probably a requirement given the way the rider will be strapped on the machine while winding it out on an open stretch of road somewhere out there.


Goodyear Eagle-360 Concept Tire Turns Tires Into Multi-Axis Spheres


Goodyear has a design for tires that turn them from rings of rubber into advanced spheres. The Goodyear Eagle-360 concept is one that positions the car magnetically levitated above the tires, and the tire would turn on axis as needed to steer and control the vehicle.

Not only does this allow the vehicle to do some impressive parallel parking maneuvers, but it also allows on board processing to fine tune the grip the car has on the road by shifting the axis of inclination as needed. It can also shift the angle as needed to maximize even tire wear.

Just imagine how nimble a car could be if each wheel was free to rotate as needed. The vehicle could turn literal 90 degree corners as needed, and it could navigate a maze without consideration for a turning radius. While it would take a lot of computational power just to make this vehicle steer, it would no doubt be a fantastic ride.



Triton Personal Deep Diving Submarine


If a personal submarine is on your shopping list (or will be anytime soon), you should probably check out the Triton 6600/2 model. Billed as the world’s deepest diving acrylic hulled submarine, this beauty can go over a mile down. And can you imagine the view from the clear acrylic surrounded seat?

Not only can you go deep, but you can spend all day doing it, thanks to 10 hour batteries and a regular air supply rated for 12 hours. But if that makes you nervous, there is also a 96 hour reserve air tank – just in case you want to hang out with all the coolest fishes.

Of course, you’ll want to see where you’re going, so the sub is equipped with 6 20,000 lumen lights. That should be enough to take in the underwater world around you, and it just might be bright enough to temporarily blind a sea monster or two in order to escape.

All this underwater adventure is just waiting for you, and you just need is the bravery to take it for a spin. Well, you will also need the 5.5 million dollars to buy the incredible little diving machine, but that is just part of the details.


Prepare For The Apocalypse With An All Terrain Sherp


When the Zombie Apocalypse (ZA) happens, you are going to need a vehicle that you can count on. And from my research in all things ZA, it seems clear that you are going to have to handle all kinds of terrain, not just paved roads. And for that, my friends, it looks like you just might need a Sherp.

What is a Sherp, you ask? It is a real life, all terrain, huge tired Tonka toy that is just perfect for outrunning zombie hordes.  And if you run out of road, no problem, the Sherp can handle the water too.

The price is right for the cost-conscious ZA shopper, coming in at around $70,000 base model. And the drivetrain is solid, powered by a durable 44 horsepower 1.5 liter Kubota Diesel engine. The Sherp has a generous 15.3 gallon fuel tank, and additional fuel tanks are optional. After all, the last thing you want to do is to run out of gas while escaping a particular nasty zombie horde.

The absolutely fun looking vehicle is rated for 28 mph land and about 4 mph water, just enough to ensure safety from your typical zombies. And if you are unfortunate enough to meet up with those ultra fast zombies we see sometimes, well, let’s just say those big tires can chew through a lot of things.

I do have have to say, the Sherp looks to be one of the most fun ZA vehicles I have found. In fact, I think I  might need one now just to practice some off-road survival skills.