The Sounds of Gadgets Past

Sometimes a sound will just take you back, letting you experience memories long since past. That fact is the driving force behind Conserve the Sound, a website dedicated to saving all of those interesting (and not so interesting) sounds from the gadgets that were once a big part of our


Apple Adds Family Page for Its Parental Tools

Making good on a promise it made in January, Apple has launched a portal page to help parents control how their children use their Apple products.  The new Apple Families page has information about all of the parental controls, allowing a parent to quickly see what tools are available to them and


Is It Safe to Play Outside During Harsh Weather?

When spring showers and summer storms hit, sometimes not even the threat of thunder can chase children inside. Some even enjoy playing in the wild weather, while for schools it can be tempting to continue sports events during rough weather conditions rather than calling the game. But mother nature can


A Picard Primer

Well, Picard is now officially out (on CBS Access, and other online locations worldwide), and in our humble opinion here at NerdBeach we think it is great to see the man back in action. Sure, we could do with a lot less lens flare, but a Picard series, or any


Slow WordPress Editor? Here’s a Fix If You Use Yoast SEO

There is a multitude of plugins out there for WordPress (a serious strength as compared to its predecessors such as BlogEngine.Net), and many of these are for improving SEO. One of the most popular of these is the Yoast SEO plugin, and the solid reputation is well deserved. However, you


The 15 Best Quotes from Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking died yesterday at the age of 76. The award-winning physicist made a huge impact not only in physics but in humanity as well. The bestselling author was known to be a huge Star Trek fan and was the only person in history to appear on the fan-beloved