Scorpion is Hydrogen and Gas Powered 40mpg Supercar


I am going to say something here that sounds like an oxymoron, but that is changing rapidly. Ready? 40 mpg Sportscar. The Ronn Motor Company’s Scorpion is a real supercar, featuring 289 hp (optional turbocharger gives 450 hp), a hand built carbon fiber body over a chrome-moly chassis, a close ratio six speed transmission, paddle shift, superb styling,40 mpg highway miles, and a whole lot of fun.

Even more interesting is the power source for the sleek Scorpion. The vehicle is powered by a combination of gasoline and hydrogen in a true combustion engine – unlike  most hydrogen powered vehicles that utilize a fuel cell with an electric engine. The result is a car that has a classic vroomy drivetrain yet achieves great numbers for efficiency and emissions.

The company is accepting orders for alternative fuel sportscar’s initial run, and pricing details should be released sometimes summer 2008.  More information on the Scorpion is available on the Ronn Motor Company website.

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Chevy Volt to Hit the Streets in 2010


It looks like the Chevy Volt has just moved from cool concept car to actual vehicle with a street date. GM has committed to having the plug in hybrid on the market by 2010.

Final design on the volt is not set in stone yet, nor is the price. Hopefully it will help to set a trend  with automakers in delivering vehicles that are sporty, yet still practical. That is, if said final price is not in the stratosphere.

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The M-112 Concept Car Redefines the Mini-Car


Presenting the M-112, a car that redefines what a mini car is about.  Not much detail is known, but it is a one seater and it is small.  The car was custom built for the Shell Eco Marathon race in France.

While at first the M-112 appears to be a go-kart with a body attached, a little more study of the pictures show a lot of refinement, including low profile tires and apparently disc brakes.  As for actually driving the diminutive vehicle , just imagine how easy it would be to park.



Yamaha Dues Ex Machina Concept Motorcycle


I get on the crafted machine, strap in and push a button.  The integrated helmet lowers into place, and as I push forward the vehicle springs into action. As we continue to pick up speed the front wheels extend, tilting me forward towards the ground but giving greater control.  The ground rush fades away, and soon I am blasting along the sand, the only sound being a deep hum from the machine.


yamahaDeusExMachina2Here is something interesting that has washed up on the Beach. Yamaha has unleashed upon the world a Deus Ex Machina concept motorcycle that appears more robot than ride.  Designed by an Art Center Pasadena student named Jake Loniak, it is powered by Ultra capacitors and doped neo-phosphate batteries.

The concept vehicle  incorporates 36 pneumatic muscles and 2 linear actuators, creating a controlling spine.  As the vehicle moves forward, the front wheels extend away from the base, creating a lower profile for the rider as they tilt forward towards the ground.  As an interesting touch the helmet is pneumatically attached to the vehicle, lowering and raising as required.

The designer figures that the vehicle could go as fast as 75 mph (0-60 in 3 seconds) with a recharge time of only 15 minutes.  The vehicle is all concept at this point, but it would be interesting to see it in action.


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