Mention the word TARDIS to anyone that is not a science fiction fan and you might not get any measurable response. But if you mention it to a Doctor Who fan, not only will you see a flash of recognition on their face, but you may get back complete explanationRead More →

Have you ever wanted to imagine that you are cruising through the universe in your very own warp capable starship? If you have, Youtube user CrysKnife007 must share your sentiment, since they have put together a YouTube video to help others do exactly that. CrysKnife007 took a sample of theRead More →

If you read NerdBeach much, then you may have picked up that we like Star Trek. In fact, we have even covered Star Trek in Lego. So what would be better than a Star Trek Lego video? The piece is an excellent example of fan fiction created by David Vann,Read More →