Hints for Escape From The Maiden’s Curse


Hints for Escape from the Maiden’s curse

The game takes place on the cursed cruise ship Distressed Maiden conveniently in the middle of nowhere. As usual, you have to figure out what’s going on, and escape from it with everything intact. And naturally there will be some challenges trying to prevent you from escaping. But if you have found those challenges stopping you from ecaping, then maybe these hints will help you to get back on track. If not… did you bring any seasick medicine?

Click or touch the hint title to show it. Touch the title again to hide the hint. But only one hint will show at a time. Good Luck!

Hint 1: How do I get the key out of the door?


Hint 2: What do I do with the Crack in the Wall?


Hint 3: I’ve tried everything and I can’t open the door to Room 303


Hint 4: I Can’t Get the Stage Winch to Work


Hint 5: I Can’t Get the Tied Trunk Open


Hint 6: I Have a Speargun But No Spear


Hint 7: I Cannot Get The Safe Open


Hint 8: The Fusebox is Blown And I Don’t Have another Fuse


Hint 9: I need a tip for my spear


Hint 10: I can’t open the file cabinet


Hint 11: I can’t get out of the first room!


Hint 12: How can I fix the rusty wrench?


Hint 13: I’ve fueled the generator, but there’s no switch to turn it on


Hint 14: What do I do with this dead fish?


Hint 15: I’ve Done Everything, Visited Everywhere, and still can’t finish the game!

If the hints didn’t help, consider asking a question in the comments below or visit the contact page to ask a question