Hints Raving Factory


Hints for Raving Factory

Raving Factory is an adventure game for iOS in which you have to escape from your dear departed uncle’s old toy factory. The hints below will help with the game if you are having trouble. To display the hint, just click or touch the hint description.  Touch it again to hide the hint, and note that only one hint can show at a time.



Hint 1: I have the code but I can’t get the file cabinet padlock open


Hint 2: Jack has locked the gate and I can’t get out


Hint 3: I can’t get the front office door combination lock open


Hint 4: I can’t solve the color match tile game


Hint 5: I need a flashlight


Hint 6: The wood puzzle is just not coming together


Hint 7: I can’t get past the big hole in the floor


Hint 8: The fortune cookie is stuck in the cage and I can’t reach it


Hint 9: I can’t get the key out of the hole


Hint 10: I Need a Valve Puzzle Solution


Hint 11: The Marble Jump Puzzle Leaves Too Many Playing Pieces


Hint 12: The Rotating Pipe Puzzle


Hint 13: The Attic Dial Puzzle Doesn’t Add Up


Hint 14: The Trunk Puzzle Can’t Be Solved


Hint 15: I Can’t Solve the Fusebox


Hint 16: Where is the piano music?


Hint 17: I Can’t Get the Second Attic Door Open


Hint 18: The Blue Key Is Bent Out Of Shape


Hint 19: I Can’t Get the Elevator To Work


Hint 20: I Can’t Get The Factory Floor Door Open


Hint 21: I can’t solve the Egyptian Tile Puzzle


Hint 22: I Can’t Use The Fusebox


Hint 23: The Block Game Has Me Stumped


Hint 24: There is something stuck on top of the speaker


If the hints didn’t help, consider asking a question in the comments below or visit the contact page to ask a question.