Hints UFO Adventure


Hints for UFO Adventure

UFO Adventure is an adventure game for iOS devices that pits you against both the elements and little green men intent on blowing up the Earth. You have to find out how to stop the aliens on their evil quest, or it might be curtains for everything curretnly residing on the planet Earth. In order to help with your quest, the hints below may be the difference between escaping or perishing within the haunted manor. To see the hint, click or touch the hint title. Touch the title again to hide the hint. And please note – only one hint can show at a time.
Good luck!

Most importantly, Thank You For Playing UFO Adventure! Now, on with the hints. And don’t forget, we also have email support if the hint you need isn’t listed below.

Hint 1: The Rock is blocking me from going any farther.



Hint 2: Where can I find something to help me with the tree?


Hint 3: How do I get past the metal gate?


Hint 4: How do I cross the bridge?


Hint 5: How do I solve the vine puzzle?


Hint 6: How do I get into the UFO?


Hint 7: How do I get the Alien cabinet open?


Hint 8: How do I operate the large viewscreen?


Hint 9: How do I get the key card past the alien rubbing his head?


Hint 10: How do I get the flask out of the well?


If the hints didn’t help, consider asking a question in the comments below or visit the contact page to ask a question.