Hints White House Escape


Hints for White House Escape

It started out innocently enough. You were on a tour of the White House, when something goes wrong. You black out, only to discover upon wakening that you are on your own in the White House and you must find a way to escape and get help. But along the way a hint or two might make things easier, and so here are some that may help.

Simply click or touch the hint title to show the hint. Touch the title again to hide it. But note, only one hint can show at a time. Good Luck escaping from the White House!

Hint 1: How do I get the key from the Ushers Room?


Hint 2: How do I open the fireplace in the Blue Room?


Hint 3: How do I get on the elevator?


Hint 4: How do I get past the guard on the second floor?


Hint 5: How do I activate the water alarm?


Hint 6: How do I get past the guard dog on the third floor?


Hint 7: How do I thaw out the frozen meat?


Hint 8: How do I open the lockers?


Hint 9: How do I open the toolbox?


Hint 10: How do I charge up the flashlight?


Hint 11: How do I fix the cart’s flat tire?


Hint 12: What do I use with the antique key hole?


Hint 13: How do I make the piano sound better?


Hint 14: Where do I find the Antique Key?


Hint 15: Where do I find the alphanumeric sequence?


Hint 16: How do I get across the chasm?

If the hints didn’t help, consider asking a question in the comments below or visit the contact page to ask a question.