Where are Smartphones Being Used? (InfoGraphic)


Smartphones are rapidly becoming a fixture of the landscape, and you will find them in use in just about every facet of life. From work to home and everywhere in-between you can find someone digging through information, experiencing media, or communicating with someone else through their smart device of choice.

But where do we tend to use our smartphones the most? This infographic takes a look at those places, and before you ask – yes, bathrooms are on the list. Quite high on the list, actually, more than restaurants. Now, I find that *almost* hard to believe, but those 45% that use one in the movie theater, please refrain during the actual movie. You would be surprised how well a 4 inch screen can appear to be many times brighter than the big screen when that user is in the row in front of you. To each their own, but why eactly did you pay for the movie ticket if you aren't going to watch it?

Anyway, check out the infographic below and see if it agrees with your usage. The graphic did not say if it counted pulling a device  out of your pocket to just check the time, but if that is true then I am definitely a habitual user…