Hints West Wing Escape

Hints for West Wing Escape

You find yourself in the West Wing, and the bad guys have taken over. Your mission – to outsmart the bad guys and escape in one piece. But the going in West Wing Escape can get a bit rough, and you might find a hint or two handy in finding your way in the game.

Simply click or touch the hint title to show the hint. Touch the title again to hide it. But note, only one hint can show at a time. Good Luck escaping from the West Wing!

Hint 1: How do I get out of the advisor’s room?


Hint 2: How do I get past the guards at the start of the game?


Hint 3: How do I get into the Advisor 1 office?


Hint 4: How do I get past the guard in the West Hallway?


Hint 5: Help! I can’t find the elevator code for the terminal!


Hint 6: How do I get past the guard in the Floor 0 Lobby?


Hint 7: How do I open the tool chest?


Hint 8: How do I read the Guard’s note?


Hint 9: I need a flashlight!


Hint 10: How do I get the paper stuck behind the radiator?


Hint 11: The detonator is all wet and broken. How can I fix it?


Hint 12: I can’t get the Secret Service Door open


Hint 13: Help! I am stuck in the Air Ducts!


Hint 14: The Video Conferencing Computer Says Something Is Missing


If the hints didn’t help, consider asking a question in the comments below or visit the contact page to ask a question.