Suddenly Lost

Welcome to the theatre of the mind and the power of of the printed word…


You fight to block out the light as you come to your senses. As things come into focus you find yourself on the deck of a ship. It is an old ship, and on the best of days it would not be trustworthy. But today you find it, and consequently yourself, being tossed about in the middle of a storm. In fact, water is being splashed over the side railings and onto the deck. This can’t last much longer.

You struggle but finally get to your feet. Well, this is another fine mess you have gotten into…

Suddenly Lost is an interactive adventure novel with a script that is over 40,00 words alone. You will explore many interesting places and have many adventures, all within the wonderful world of the written page.

Another wonderful achievement

But that’s not all. We all know that adventure stories can be hazardous to your character’s health. In Suddenly Lost, we not only acknowledge that fact – we celebrate it! Each time something unfortunate happens to your character, we call that an achievement. And we encourage you to achieve more.

There are over 32 achievements to get in this adventure story, and we challenge you to find them all.

Suddenly Lost uses an autosave mechanism to make sure that you can escape any time you can and pick up where you last left off. And Suddenly Lost supports multitask features on capable tablets, so that you can be productive and adventurous at the same time.

Suddenly Lost – An Interactive Adventure Novel is now available for iOS on the App Store!