A Picard Primer

Well, Picard is now officially out (With Season 2 around the corner, on CBS Access, and other online locations worldwide), and in our humble opinion here at NerdBeach we think it is great to see the man back in action. Sure, we could do with a lot less lens flare, but a Picard series, or any new Star Trek, is always welcome at the beach.

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While we have been along with Star Trek since the start, I know there may be some fine folks that are new to Picard’s universe. And there may others that would just like to refresh their Picard back story as they take in the new show.

For that reason, we have scoured both the web and our memory to present a viewing guide of the previous Trek for your Picard priming pleasure. (And please note that this is not a reflection of favorite episodes, just episodes that are closely related to the back story of the Picard series and its characters.)

Star Trek The Next Generation

  • S1:E1-2 Encounter at Far Point
  • S1:E3 Naked Now
  • S1:E8 The Battle
  • S1:E12 Data Lore
  • S1:E23 Skin Of Evil
  • S2:E6 The Schizoid Man
  • S2:E9 The Measure of a Man
  • S2:E16 Q Who
  • S3:E16 The offspring
  • S3:E26 /4:1 The Best of Both Worlds
  • S4:E2 Family 
  • S4:E3 Brothers
  • S5:E23 iBorg
  • S5:E25 The Inner Light 
  • S6:E9 The Quality of Life
  • S6:E15 Tapestry
  • S6:E26 S7:E1 Descent 
  • S7:E10 Inheritance 
  • S7:E25 26 All Good things

Star Trek Enterprise 

  • S4:E4 Borderland
  • 4S:E5 Cold Station 12
  • S4:E6 The Augments

Star Trek Voyager 

  • S1:E1-2 Caretaker
  • S3:E17 Unity
  • S3:E26-S4:E1 Scorpion
  • S4:E6 The Raven
  • S5:E2 Drone
  • S5:E16 Dark Frontier
  • S6:E2 Survival Instinct 
  • S6:E16 Collective
  • S6:E19 Childs Play
  • S6:E26-S7:E1 Unimatrix Zero
  • S7:E2 Imperfection 
  • S7:E25-26 End Game

Star Trek Films

  • Generations
  • First Contact
  • Enterprise 
  • Insurrection 
  • Nemesis

Star Trek Shorts

  • Children of Mars

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