A Working Ice Sword Made Of Pykrete


Allen Pan has created a sword made of ice that is so strong it could be used to chop through real things, including attacking watermelons. What is the secret to his super strong ice sword? One word – pykrete.

Pykrete is typically a mixture of water, ice and sawdust. It is so strong that World War II Allies considered using it to build warships. Allen substituted old fashioned toilet paper for the sawdust, but the process is the same. His end mixture was 86% water and 14% toilet paper.

There you have it, a fascinating sword made of ice (more or less). So, the next time you hear the shouts of “Winter is coming!”, relax and know that you can be prepared. This would also work well for the Zombie Apocalypse, assuming you are in a cold climate or it’s not the warm months. But if you are in the desert with a zombie horde attacking, well, you may need to consider other alternatives.


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