How To Swear Around the World

The description for this book describes it as an “essential phrasebook”, and for once I think the word “essential” is warranted. After all, anyone that has dealt with human beings in potentially stressful situations realizes that not everyone is nice at the time. However, your typical travel guidebook rarely covers this type of situation. So this book, “How To Swear Around The World”, steps up and fills the void for those, um, difficult situations.

The book breaks it down into dozens of different languages ranging from the simple family curse to the more vile expressions dealing with relations with beasts that we will not discuss here. Phonetic pronunciation is offered so that you can curse like a native speaker, and there are even handy illustrations so that you can be sure to get the proper insult to the warranted situation.

But you don’t have to be a bearer of expletives to find this book valuable. It might be that others around you are using language that your reference material doesn’t cover, but they seem very intent on telling you just the same. A quick check in this book might be enlightening at to exactly the message they are conveying to you in no uncertain terms.

At the risk of sounding like a tired cliche, this is one handy travel book that you may not want to leave home without. You can find “How To Swear Around The World” on Amazon.  While you are shopping, you might want to check out a good book on self-defense, just in case you find the guidebook a little TOO effective…

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