Airbags Can Be Scary

It’s hard to argue with the fact that airbags have saved a lot of lives since their introduction. But have you ever considered the mechanics that it takes to deploy an airbag? To have this much inflation in a fraction of a second requires a lot of explosively charged gases allowed to expel into a confined area. What generates a lot of explosively charged gases? Why, an explosion, of course.

Airbags can be scary

Yes, the airbag a few inches from your face as you drive is actually an explosive device set to detonate at the slightest impact detection.  Because of this delicate balance between security and potential disaster, it is highly recommended that people don’t mess with these small bombs designed in the name of safety.  But there is nothing wrong with watching as someone else does explore exactly how much punch an airbag packs. Watch below as Giaco Whatever experiments with these devices.

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