Apple Adds Family Page for Its Parental Tools

Making good on a promise it made in January, Apple has launched a portal page to help parents control how their children use their Apple products.  The new Apple Families page has information about all of the parental controls, allowing a parent to quickly see what tools are available to them and how best to manage their child’s product use.

Apple Family Portal Page (Image: Apple)

Handy Tools and Information on the Apple Families Page

On the page, you will find helpful tools such as an app management control that will block in-app purchases. There is also an Ask To Buy interface that allows you to approve purchases requested by your child. You can also limit their internet exposure, letting them access only certain parts of the web or your approved websites.

Find My Friends
Find My Friends, the tool to track family members and friends via GPS, was originally announced during Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” keynote event on October 4, 2011.


Apple also includes the Find My Friends feature, so that you can track your child’s location. This tool allows you to be alerted when they arrive or leave at a designated area.  This feature alone can reassure even the most worried parent.

Discover Tools and Features

By bringing all of the parental tools Apple has to offer on a single page, it makes it easy to see exactly how Apple Families can help with your parental tasks. In fact, you may even discover one or two options that you didn’t know existed before.

For example, the page shows new driving safety features and better sleeping tools. There is also helpful information about sharing purchases and calendars, which may help keep everyone in sync and on time. If you haven’t taken a look yet, you just might discover a new feature or two, even if you aren’t a parent.

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