Nerds Cook: High Energy Trail Mix

Let’s face it – nerds get hungry too. Now, sometimes a real nerd may have a slightly different sustenance requirement than a typical person. For example, heavy gaming or a busy project may require a quickly consumable energy source that doesn’t require a lot of prep work or that can be prepared beforehand. This is why we present our first NerdsCook video, High Energy Trail Mix.

High Energy Trail Mix

The high energy trail mix is easy enough to prepare, and it gives you a wonderfully indulgent taste along with enough complex carbs to keep you focused on the task (or play) at hand.

The high energy trail mix comes in at around 140 calories per 3 tablespoons. I’ve found the best way to manage this type of consumable is to have it pre-measured into handy snack bags. This way you can easily plan ahead, or at least keep a quick count of the damage when midday or project hunger pangs hit.

Fill a Snack Bag

In the video, we used a snack bag holder to make it easy to fill. I’m surprised at just how handy this little stand is, and you can get your own snack bag holder, if so inclined. You can also use a cup or other such holder, but I’ve been unlucky with these in the past. Your mileage may vary.

Mix It Up

The dried fruit used in the video consisted of white grapes and cranberries. Now, you could easily use whatever fruits you like, but I do think that dried pineapples deserve an h0norable mention here.

We used three types of chips in the trail mix, white chocolate, regular chocolate, and peanut butter. I think this gives a great flavor profile. But feel free to mix and match as you see fit.

You can even cut down on the number of chips in the mix since this is the largest source of refined sugar. But it does taste lovely and serves to give a quick energy boost.  The key here is moderation, of course.

We hope you like the high energy trail mix and find that it can help stretch out those performance levels when it comes to any number of activities. I’ve used it on hikes, bike rides, and even at work. Just remember to keep track of the calories, because it can disappear fast.

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