How Does Sugar Affect Your Brain?


Have you ever wondered why you can eat a delicious healthy meal several days in a row and by the 3rd or 4th day you dread it, yet a favorite sugary snack can be enjoyed time and time again?

The key lies in the dopamine response, which is designed to reward you for nutrient rich foods (first day of healthy meal), but still wants a variety of food to make sure that you are getting all the needed nutrients (3rd or 4th day). But sugar behaves differently, and that can be problematic. I could go into detail, but this TED Talk, incorporating entertaining and educational animation, does it better:

Now, let it be said that we here at NerdBeach believe in enjoying the finer things in life, and that does sometimes include sugar laden creations of art. However, moderation is the key. After all, you need to give your dopamine system a rest every once in a while. And that just makes it so much better for the next time you can judiciously indulge…


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