Alexa Controlled Ziro Robotics Kit Invade Earth

Fresh out of a successful Indiegogo campaign last year, Ziro is a hands-on, programmable cardboard robots kit that allows people to build interesting gadgets as they learn. But this year they are adding something new, Alexa controlled modules.

Alexa Controlled Ziro

Once you set up the new Ziro skill with Alexa, you can start giving it voice commands. This takes your average robotics kit and adds a new level of functionality to it. For instance, you could probably control Ziro through the Alexa app. This allows you to access it from virtually anywhere. Just imagine the things you could have the kit doing for you, all remotely.

In case you don’t want to control it via Alexa, you can fall back to its standard control mechanism. That is no slouch either since it comes with a smart glove tied to a mobile app, which allows for fun control. You can do simple and intuitive things with that, such as tilting your hand to control a car you built.

Adaptable to Your Resources

Ziro is designed to allow the builder to use whatever material they have on hand. This is done by attaching the Ziro modules to their creation, allowing for movement and control. Of course, you can always use their pre-made starter kits. The modules are designed to emulate hinged or rotational movements.

With just these two types of motions, you can build a lot of different articulated gadgets. It’s easy to see how one could build a walking dinosaur robot or a car. In fact, you really are just limited by your imagination (and maybe the number of Ziro modules you have). Maybe you can get really creative and take on Nintendo’s Labo for a showdown.

Ziro is made by ZeroUI, and with the way they are adding to their kit, I could see a bright future for it. Who knows, maybe we’ll see an army of cardboard robotic dinosaurs take over the world, all controlled by Alexa. We should probably start practicing now, “Alexa, stop.”

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