Big Wheel Luggage

Big Wheel Luggage

Wheeled suitcases are great for lugging around a suitcase during the race to the next airport gate, but sometimes the tiny wheels just don't cut it over the varying terrain.  The Samsonite OBAG concept luggage sports big wheels – really big wheels.  Let me explain further, it is almost all wheels. 

Designed by Rooz Mousavi, the all terrain luggage wheel, for lack of a better description, tackles everything from curbs and stairs to harsh weather.  The handle collapses, allowing the suitcase to be stowed in a regular space.

I like the design as far as movement from point A to point B is concerned, but from the pictures I am a little weary of the actual storage space the unit offers.  However, the crack design team here at Nerd Beach has redesigned the unit for maximum efficiency and usefulness.  The image below shows the updated version:

Unfortunately, all attempts to contact Samsonite in order to gauge interest has been met with disinterest.  Perhaps we should change the color to more neutral shades and re-approach…


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