Enable multiple windows and multiple week view in iCal

Enable multiple windows and multiple week view in iCal

TUAW has posted a great hint that could make your Mac iCal usage easier. By enabling the debug menu, you get a new menu that allows you to launch multiple iCal windows (each which can be set to a different view) and, my favorite, multiple weeks in the “week” view. To enable the debug menu, pull up terminal and enter:

defaults write com.apple.iCal IncludeDebugMenu 1

To disable it, just enter:

defaults write com.apple.iCal IncludeDebugMenu 0

Once entered, restart iCal to get the new menu, which you should find beside the “help” menu. The new window option is at the top, and you will find the multiple week view options under the oddly named “top sekret” choice. Actually this works quite well, and currently I have a Lion desktop dedicated to multiple iCal windows. Now all I have to do is to hit those milestone dates…


iCal (Calendar)

Calendar, called iCal before the release of OS X Mountain Lion, is a personal calendar application made by Apple Inc. that runs on the Mac OS X operating system. iCal was the first calendar application for OS X to offer support for multiple calendars and the ability to intermittently publish/subscribe calendars to WebDAV server.

Originally released as a free download for Mac OS X v10.2 on September 10, 2002, with the release of Mac OS X v10.3 it was bundled with the operating system as iCal 1.5. Version 2 of iCal was released as part of Mac OS X v10.4, Version 3 as part of Mac OS X v10.5, Version 4 as part of Mac OS X v10.6, and Version 5 as part of Mac OS X v10.7.
Apple licensed the iCal name from Brown Bear Software, who have used it for their iCal application since 1997. With the release of OS X v10.8 in the summer of 2012, iCal will be called Calendar, similar to the iOS version.

iCal development is quite different from other Apple software because it was designed independently by a small French team working “secretly” in Paris, led by Jean-Marie Hullot, a friend of Steve Jobs. iCal’s development has since been transferred to Apple US headquarters in Cupertino.




  1. This. RULES. I’m a college lecturer and you have no idea how much easier this small fix is going to make my life as I try to write and manage semester-long (16-week) course schedules. I’ve been struggling ever since Apple dumped iCal’s ability to show multiple multiple months at once. Thank you!!

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