Engobi Caffeine Infused Chips for the Masses

Engobi Caffeine Infused Chips for the Masses


I walk along the Beach, looking for something to come up from the Cyber Sea. I stumble, exhausted from the long trek along the surf. Falling to my knees as darkness falls, I notice something washing up. I reach for the colorful floating package, and through the  slits of my barely open eyes I can read that it contains chips infused with caffeine. I rip it open with my last ounce of strength and devour the  package.  Suddenly the day is brighter, the air is fresh, and I find myself standing tall. With a leap I start down the sand, running and dodging the waves as the caffeine and starches fuel my epiphany.

Having a rough day at the computer? Needing a little pick me up before practice, and there is no time to eat? Well, we have good news for you. Engobi has created what could be the perfect food – caffeine infused potato chips.

Shocked, aren't you? And just when you thought food technology had reached a peak with Jolt.  Engobi "Energy Go Bites" come in "Cinnamon Surge" and "Lemon Lift" flavors for the discerning chip and caffeine craving junk food junkie.  Not to mention that, according to their website, "ENGOBI has 70% more caffeine than those little energy drinks". 

Now, if you hurry, you can catch the remaining "Girls, Guitars and Geeks City Tour" that Engobi is sponsoring in order introduce Energy Go Bites to an unsuspecting world. You can find more information at the Engobi Website.  Just please chew responsibly.

Aloha from the Beach