Experts Claim Nintendo WiiFit May Not Be So Kind to Stocky Children


Nintendo may be learning a lesson in Political Correctness (a lifestyle term I try to avoid), thanks to its WiiFit product.  It seems that the device,which uses a BMI calculation for its core measurements, tends to put some children in the "overweight" category. While technically correct, experts are terrified that stocky children could be traumatized by the labels.  A case in England that has a WiiFit applying such a label to a 10 year old girl has exploded in the media, causing a rash of experts standing on soapboxes.

In all fairness there is some merit to the cry of disdain, in that a child could be embarrassed in such a manner.  Nintendo did not invent the (unrealistic?) category brackets for  BMI measurement, but it would seem that the BMI measurement is not practical for use with children, since their BMI can fluctuate quite often.  At this point the big N could start to emphasize that it is not a truly scientific device, and that the unit is designed more or less as a game that promotes exercise.  But as for the labels, you have to look to the  BMI standards to argue what exactly is accepted as overweight.

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