Fan creates full size driveable Star Wars Landspeeder

Anyone that has fond memories of the original Star Wars movie knows what Luke’s landspeeder is, and no doubt a lot of entertained the ideal of having one of their own.  At least I know that Daniel Deutsch falls into the latter category, since he built his own landspeeder.

The full size driveable Star Wars Landspeeder replica sports a custom aluminum chassis covered by a fiberglass body.  The drivetrain is all electric, and has a top speed of about 25 mph.  The landspeeder can go for several miles on a single charge.

The artwork is really great on the replica, with authentic looking damage and the look of a well worn traveling sidekick.  Given the outcome of the project, we feel that Daniel’s response to Obiwan’s suggestion to sell the landspeeder would be met with a firm, “No”.  You can check out Daniel’s website for more information on the landspeeder and other interesting projects.