Flee is a Digital Camera Designed to Throw

The days of being careful with a digital camera may be over, at least when it comes to the Flee.  The Flee Digital Camera actually encourages throwing, and the unit design is rather reminiscent of a badminton shuttlecock.

The Flee was designed by Turkish designer Hakan Bogazpinar, and it really does encourage open play. Communication with the Flee is done via Bluetooth, and it will transmit the pictures directly to your cell phone or computer.  

The Flee would seem a natural fit in outdoor sports with your friends.  It would also be fun to simply play "Sick, Dying , Dead" catch while snapping pictures.  Of course, I would not suggest dropping it off of extremely high buildings, since no doubt there is a limit as to what the Flee casing (or tennis ball, for that matter) can take.