Icon Foldable Plane Is Targeted Towards Drivers


Icon has a new  two seater Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) that features a folding design, leaving it very tow friendly. The small plane is powered by a rear-facing engine and it can be configured for land or water landing. 

Performance wise, the two seater has a maximum takeoff weight of 1,320 pounds, and a max airspeed of 120 knots (138 mph).  A special dashboard  is designed to be friendly to automobile drivers. The Icon is available today, and you can go to their website and place a $5,000 deposit for a plane now. The video (after the jump) shows the plane's unveiling, and a quick glimpse at the event will no doubt show you why the dashboard is designed as it is – Icon seems to have a firm grasp of their ideal target market.  [more]