The 4GB Macho Lighter and USB Memory Stick Combination


Face it guys, it is hard to carry a memory stick and still come across cool and manly. But Chinavision has come to the rescue by offering a product that I really did no think we would see for a while – the combination USB Memory stick/pocket lighter.

The 4gb USB lighter features a piezo electric sparker and a refillable lighter fuel tank. Just to make sure that the "toughness" part is emphasized more than the "nerd" side, the lighter also has an embossed bull skull on the side. This is definitely the most macho looking USB memory/lighter combination I have seen. (Well, actually it is the ONLY USB memory stick/lighter combination I have seen, but I digress).

The 4gb Macho USB Memory stick costs $26.95, and you can find it at Chinavision.