Keruve Can Track Loved Ones in Public Places

Keruve Can Track Loved Ones in Public Places

Keeping track of children is becoming more and more of a necessity in today's world.  If nothing else, it gives you a peace of mind (even if your children do claim that you are a tyrant).  The location monitor from Keruve can help you by tracking them and showing the location on an onscreen map.

The device actually consists of two parts, a watch like wrist device to be worn by the trackee, and a handheld device with screen to be used by the tracker.  The wrist unit uses a GPS and backup cell phone towers to track its location and transmit a signal. The unit is waterproof and shockproof, and for safety reasons it cannot be removed without the key provided.

The display device picks up the signal and positions it on a map of the area.  The display is small and easy to carry.  The unit can also be used to define a givne area and alert the user if the target moves out of the defined area.

No word yet on price and availability, but you can find out more at the translated Keruve website.