Kingston offering SD card package that includes multiple adapters

I was delighted when SD cards came out – it was a handy size that was to be a standard for everything ranging from Pocket PCs  to cameras.  Well, that didn't exactly turn out to be correct, since no sooner than I got comfortable with the concept I got a new phone, and my precious SD card collection would not fit, since the phone incorporated a miniSD.  Well, it has gotten worse since then, thanks to the micro SD card becoming popular.

What can you do to keep up?  Well, Kingston has released a 4GB and 8GB set that includes a micro SD memory card with adapters that allow it to work in place of a mini and full size SD card.  Not only do you get a little protection from buying incompatible memory cards for the next gadget, but you also get the ability to easily move data between otherwise incompatible memory slots .

The 4GB version package is priced at $22, and the 8GB is $40.  Not bad for a little compatibility security, at least until the Ultra Micro SD card comes out.