Lumeta Easy to Install Solar Panels Give Serious Power Punch


"The view from the top of the Beach house is inspiring", I think to myself as I pause from my work.  I continue with the simple installation of the new roof panels, looking forward to having the additional power on tap.  All of these electronic devices that wash up on the Beach need feeding!

With the price of energy continuing to climb, and often not in plentiful availability, more and more businesses and homeowners are looking to alternate and renewable sources of energy.  Among the many choices, solar power is an attractive choice due to its passive nature and growing efficiency of available power panels.

Previously installing solar panels on your roof was tantamount to semi-major construction.  Now Lumeta may have a solution. Their PowerPly roof panels, unlike most others that require a rack system to be mounted on the roof, attach with only roof adhesive. To illustrate the ease with which the installation can be done the above video shows a setup that can provide 2.5kw.  Currently the panels are targeted at commercial installations, but no doubt the home and DIY market will soon see such applications readily available.

Aloha from the Beach