Martin Jet Pack Is Almost Practical

At the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture in Oshkosh, a jetpack was revealed that can hover for 30 minutes and theoretically could go up to 8,000 ft.  So far it has been kept on a tether, but with 15 hours of training they do let other people try it out.

The Martin Jetpack, which was shown earlier today on the Today show, has been priced at $100,000, so ownership for the more elite is not out of the question. But they do have a safety screening requirement, so it may take more than just the money and training to have one of your own. Still, it is classified an ultralight, so at least it does keep it in the realm of the possible.

In the Video the Today Show correspondent takes the jetpack for a small trip (about 8 ft), showing that literally anyone can ride the jetpack.  Sounds great, but I think I'll wait until the tether comes off for a few publicized trips before ordering my own.