New 2016 CBS Star Trek TV Series Rumor

NCC-1701 – The Original Starship Enterprise


It seems there are new reports of a Star Trek return to the small screen on CBS. The current scuttlebutt has the official announcement coming after the next big screen feature, Star Trek 3, has ran its course over Summer 2016.

Now, I think we are LONG overdue for a new Star Trek series to grace our small screens. It has been over 10 years since Enterprise has vacated that spot, and despite new media offerings from a plethora of new sources (expanded channels, weekly premium content, online networks, and more), nothing has filled the void like only Star Trek can.

I have secretly hoped that someone like Netflix would step up and give us a new series that the big networks were unwilling to provide. But the success of the new movies no doubt bode well for an official return, and the timing of the announcement after the next release adds a bit of validity to the rumor.

It can’t happen too soon, in my ever so humble Trekkie opinion. But just one thing: set it in the original Star Trek universe, not the alternative timeline of the new movies. Killing almost all the Vulcans and throwing away a rich knowledge base to build upon is simply not logical…

Stay tuned for more information.


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