Sleep In A Bubble Under The Stars


Want to experience a night under the stars, but without all the insects and weather? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to live like a hamster? Well, now you can, thanks to the impressively named “Holleyweb(tm)¬†Inflatable Bubble Tent House Dome Outdoor Clear Show Room With One Tunnel For Camping And Photo”.

The giant bubble is just what you need for those wistful moments when you want to get out in the world without actually being out in the world. But no doubt this could be a cozy setup for yourself and a special someone as you watch the canopy of the night sky. And how terrific would this be on a beach, without all the sand.

The PVC clear dome is double and quadruple stitched at all of the important places to make sure that the bubble stays a bubble, and the cost is around $1100.

The only downside is that positive air pressure is required to keep it inflated, so the power connection requirement may not let you get too far away from civilization. But wow, the view is amazing.


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