Solar Charging Tree for gadgets mimics photosynthesis

Solar energy is going to be playing larger roles in our lives, that much I am pretty certain about. As to how it comes into our life, that may surprise you.  One aspect of its introduction into mainstream life has solar power integrating tightly with art (for the lack of a better term), and this is an example. 

The Solar Tree Charger, designed by Vivien Muller, incorporates 54 voltaic cells in its tree design (the cells are like the leaves of the tree, making an interesting parallel to photosynthesis).  The energy collected by the solar leaves are stored in a battery, just waiting to feed power to your favorite gadgets.  The leave positions are adjustable, allowing the owner to get creative with its look. I would suggest to arrange it so that the leaves get maximum solar exposure, but a little efficiency could be sacrificed in the name of aesthetics.

 At this time the Solar Tree Charger (which does not charge trees, BTW), is a concept product only.  But you can expect more aesthetically pleasing passive solar collectors in the near future.



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