Solar powered camels

Given the current every crunch, no doubt you have seen a lot of solar powered devices here on the Beach, including cars, bikes, trains, and even a rickshaw.  But now, dear readers, I have seen it all – a solar powered camel!

Well, technically it isn’t really a solar powered camel as it is a camel with a solar charging system located, poetically enough, on its humps.   The charging system powers a refrigerator for the purpose of making deliveries to remote health clinics (and, you know it is going to happen eventually, a cold beer or two for the trip).

Upon delivery, the camels are de-solarized, so to say, and the panels are used to maintain the fridge.  There are also foot pumps for extended power outages, and just in case a stray cloud gets in the way of the sun.

The solar camel delivery system is part of Princeton’s Mpala project, which is designed to help nomadic communities in Kenya with utilizing technology for life improvement. But you do have to admit, there is something to be said for a tricked out camel.