Solar Powered Tent Structure Could Aid In Remote Learning

Designed by CS Design Concepts to be a remote learning and reference station, the Tent hopes to help students in the field. The Tent can help with environmental engineering and archeology students with communicating with their of-site professors as well as getting important feedback.  The Tent concept is designed to work in adverse environments, where a standard computer setup may not work so well.

The Tent features flexible solar panels that apply a charge to the memory metal structure, making the tent erect.  The solar panels also power a flexible LCD screen, allowing communication to ideally anyone in the world.

When the Tent is deactivated, the memory metal collapses and the entire unit (including flexible solar cells and flexible LCD screen) can be shoved into a backpack for redeployment later. 

I am sure how far the technology for the flexible LCD panel (and associated electronics) has come along to make the tent practical, but the 5 ft. flexible solar cells I have had the pleasure of using certainly is in place, and memory metal technology practically daily.  The ideal of a powered dynamic stucture is quite interesting.


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