Spy Kite is a fun digital camera equipped kite

The Spy Kite is a kite that is unique for one interesting fact – it has an onboard remote controlled digital camera.  The theory is that you fly the kite, and when you press a button on the kite's handle it takes a picture.  Once you get the kite back down to earth (assuming you are a better kite flyer than I am on some days and actually get it off the ground ), you pull the camera off and hook it to a USB port on a standard computer for photo downloading.

The Spy Kite is designed like a delta wing kite (okay, I can fly this kind most of the time), and features fiberglass and ripstop material.  The kite has a limit of 80 feet in the air, no doubt in order to accommodate the range of the wireless remote built in to the handle.

For $57 you get the Spy Kite, remote, and the camera, so if it works it would be a pretty good deal.  And if you can't get it off the ground,  I would assume you could mount the camera somewhere and still take pictures remotely. Or at the very least grab some good pictures of a kite being dragged across the ground, all from the kite's perspective. 

Given the price, you should not expect the best picture quality nor a large picture capacity.  However, you probably would not want to strap a digital Nikon to a small kite in the first place, so it all makes sense, and could potentially be a lot of fun for the cost.

You can find the Spy Kite at Gadgetshop.