Stylish Bluetooth Bracelet Lets You Know When You Have A Call

When out walking the Beach for finds, it is not always convenient to have the cell phone on vibrate in my hands, and I don't want it to ring and disturb the Beach life. Also, there is always the chance that I could lose the phone while trouncing about. So it was handy to find this item washing up from the ether sea.  Once paired, the BluAlert Vibrating Bluetooth Wristband will not only buzz to let you know if someone is calling, but it will also let you know if the phone is left behind greater than 5 meters or thereabouts.  So, if your phone and you get separated, you know about it then and not later when you go to use it (and do not know where it was exactly that the two of you parted company). The bracelet lasts for about 100 hrs, sells for ~$62.91, and more information can be found here. 

Aloha from the Beach,



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