Will the real Doctor Who please stand up?

Will the real Doctor Who please stand up?

Doctor Who, the low budget Science Fiction masterpiece that has captured the imagination for a generation, has a fan in me.  A person can say a lot about what is wrong with the enduring series, but there is definitely more to say about what is right, especially considering how well it hits its target.

Along its impressively long run there were several fine thespians that played the Doctor, but for me the perennial Doctor Who has always been Tom Baker.  No doubt being the current Doctor when I was introduced to the series (which I am pretty sure was on a PBS fund drive) has a lot to do with it, but I have found others who agree as well.  

Now, though, we have not one, but two relatively brand new Doctors.  I was delighted to find out that the new series was coming, especially considering how the mid 90s attempt did not lead to fruition.   Chris Eccleston was to me a surprisingly good doctor, portraying it off the cuff and seemed to be having a good time.  But no sooner than I had become accustomed to the new big eared (no offense) with all the answers Doctor he leaves and a new Doctor (number 10 if you are keeping count) comes into the picture.

At first the newest new Doctor (played by David Tennant) seemed weak and lost compared to the strong presence Eccleston presented.  However, by the time half of the second season had passed I found myself warming up to the seemingly persnickety title character.  Now, I am quite pleased with the Time Lord, and the character seems to hold true for the most part.  I credit that to the writing, but David Tennant is delivering the goods.

With that stated, let me be honest about things.  I still liked Chris Eccleston, and felt he was not in the part long enough to make a run of it (I liked him on Heroes too, but others definitely do not share my viewpoint of him as the Doctor).  If he came back to the series in the case that David Tennant left I would not miss a beat watching it.  If we had Tom Baker back as an older Doctor Who, now that would be sweet.  No doubt that would be a limited series, but would that not be a delight? (Is he going to play the Master at some point? Inquiring minds want to know.)

A Doctor Who fan would probably be pleased with about any kind of offering, but what we have now is more than enough to please.  If the current series makes it for another year I might find myself admitting that this is a favorite Doctor Who incarnation.  I do like the way David Tennant comes across with the “You’ve had it now – I am going to do this” attitude.  For a Doctor Who fan, having a current series with a pissed off Time Lord taking on the universe, well, it is a good thing.

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