WindWing Uses Wind To Pump for Energy

W2 Energy Development Corp has introduced their WindWing, and they claim that it is more efficient than typical wind turbines. Basically the WindWing (not unlike an aircraft wing) uses sensors to adjust an airfoil to the wind, and by tiling it up the wing rises, forcing down a pump.  At the end of its travel the airfoil is adjusted down, forcing the wing down and raising the pump for the next cycle.

 The WindWing action is described by CEO Gene Kelly:

Have you ever stuck your hand out a car window? Then you know how the WindWing works. Your hand tilts up as it is pushed up by the wind and down as the wind pushes it down; all you have to do is direct it.


The larger surface area of the wing gives it more capacity to capture the wind's energy.  The WindWing is also able to run in almost all types of weather.  If the WindWing design proves to be practical then it could one day be a common to see the wind pumpers across the landscape, not unlike oil pumps are in some locations.