Wizard Escape Pack Offers Alternate Escape Route

Wizard Escape Pack Offers Alternate Escape Route


Having an escape plan from a tall structure that is beyond the structure’s standard route makes good sense.  Of course, having such a thing is not always possible (or plausible), but this concept device may make it at least believable.

wizard_pack2_070808 Created by HJC Design, the Wizard Escape Pack provides an “automated public safety solution with up to 250-meters of reciprocating lifeline technology”.  Of course, that means that the backpack has a long safety line and a mechanisms to allow descent at a safe speed.  The user would strap on the device, attach the line to a solid mount, and go for it.  It would be a wild ride, but definitely better than what the alternative could be.

The Wizard Escape Pack is not available yet, and I am sure that there are some details about attachment points that need to be worked out, but it definitely could save some lives in the right circumstances.

Of course, there will no doubt be thrill seekers who would find the Wizard as the next great extreme sport gear, and that would be interesting all on its own.