World’s Largest Horn Subwoofer Makes Impressive Home Theater

World's largest subwoofer

Most people know that a quality subwoofer can shake a whole room. But audio designer Roberto Dell Curti has built a subwoofer that does not shake just the room. Rather, the room is part of the horn subwoofer, and no doubt it can shake the whole house.  Underneath his impressive home theater setup, the ground has been excavated and in its place, two horn channels 21 feet long running 3 feet deep give a home to the beast labeled the Real Total Horn. Each channel is powered by eight 18 inch woofers, giving a total of 16 woofers that are pumping thousands of watts of energy into the massive sound chambers.

Is it effective? Well, the biggest horn sub in the world can hit lows down to 10Hz, and create a virtual wave of sound energy while doing it.  And if at some point we read that Italy has broken off from the mainland and floated away, I think we might know the reason why.




  1. I’m sure his neighbors just adore him!

  2. Why not?

    This is pretty awesome!

  3. So will it be considered murder when some one dies of a heart attack when it hits real low?

  4. And what are the medical mechanics of inducing a heart attack by using very low sound…???

  5. any video demos of it in action?

  6. @Astarte – I’m not sure if anyone has actually had a heart attack from SPL, however I do know from personal experience that some systems can actually stop you from breathing. I was in one truck that hit over 155db and I literally had to hold my breath as it hit.

    So who knows – could be possible.

  7. DUDE he’s gonna be playing techno some day, find the brown note, and all of rome’ll crap its pants!

  8. im loving it !! please can i hear it, prety pls!

  9. Well, you have to admit that at least some Italians love their music. I just get the feeling that the setup won’t be used to play a lot of classic KISS… Of course, not playing Pink Floyd would be a crime – just imagine the heartbeats on Dark Side of the Moon …

  10. ……. or One of These Days, prob be the last thing you’d ever hear tho!

  11. dude you gotta put some old school NWA or DJ Quik on there and let that sh!t bump.. would love to hear a west cost bass line on that thing

  12. I need this. The loud motorcycles and boomin bass from passing Gs would be no match form my mega bass house.

  13. Ahaha, hee! I like de bass house. People here like put speakers on their goats. Boom, boom, baaa. You crazy Americans!

  14. I’d like to hear the Quiet Cool soundtrack on this.

  15. +1 for putting pink floyd on this monster 🙂

  16. so how about one of those nature soundtracks? play a rain/thunderstorm track and everyone’ll be lookin’ outside to see what’s up with the weather….

  17. id way rather people put money into shit like this than into guns, bombs, whatever the hell paris hilton spends her money on, etc…

  18. Hmmmm…

    I disagree, john – a gun can run out of bullets, but you could flatten the entire block with that thing, then, when they’ve rebuilt it, flatten it again!

    No need for a system upgrade for a while then….

  19. word. totally rude – brick built horn subs for the winner! I’d love to know how it measures/efficiency.

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