Record Breaking Glass Bridge Is Amazing

China now holds the record for a glass bridge, and it is a whopper. Stretching out to over 430 meters, the Zhangjiajie Canyon Bridge stands over 300 meters in the air. The engineering feat currently holds over 10 world records. No word yet if anyone has been brave enough to cross it while looking down…


Ecocapsule Offers Luxury Off The Grid

Do you and another person want to get off the grid for a year? You could do it in style with an Ecocapsule. It can use wind and solar energy for power, and even collects its own water. The builders, located in Slovakia, are taking orders now, and the price is about $79k.


The Indoor Ocean Simulator

At the University of Edinburgh, researchers have built an ocean simulator that can reproduce the kind of tumultuous seas found in the wild. Large enough for study, the dedicated ocean simulator, named FloWave, is 25 meters across and utilizes 28 submerged drive units to command its 2.4 million liters of water to do the researcher’s bidding.


via Science and Nature Page

Device Lets You Lift With Less Effort

Yoshivuki Sankai, a businessman from Japan, and his associates have developed a device called HAL that can make a heavy load less of a chore, and it’s designed to be wore on the body. The device senses bioelectric signals and reacts accordingly. Of course, it won’t give you superhuman strength, but it could make a big difference by the end of a long day.


Robotic Multifilament Muscles In Action

Today, if you mention the word “robot”, images of motors and servos will often come to mind to many people. But perhaps a better model of articulation is found in our own bodies, in our linear muscle structure. In this robotic example we find a robot with multifilament muscle actuators that closely model our own muscles. The robot was constructed by Suzumori Endo Lab of Tokyo Institute of Technology.